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We are a company from Vicente López, province of Buenos Aires, with more than 60 years of experience, dedicated to manufacturing, distributing and exporting musical instruments, such as guitars, basses, drums, baffles, cymbals and led screens, with clients in more than 30 countries including the United States, New Zealand, China, Brazil, Nigeria and Poland.

Export Award 2022 Winner


In an act headed by Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero at the San Martín Palace, the Argentine Foreign Ministry and the Argentine Agency for International Investment and Trade (AAICI) today distinguished 11 Argentine companies with the Exportar Awards for making a significant contribution to the export activity of the country. 

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The Argentine Country Brand is a State policy that seeks to position our country in the international context through its differential factors, its traditions, its culture, its products, among others. 
It is a very useful tool for the construction of our identity.

a hand that reaches the sky

Now when you buy a Newen guitar or bass you are collaborating with the free educational integration programs in Argentina of the Scholas Occurrentes foundation.

We believe in the call to create a culture of encounter, bringing young people closer to an education that generates meaning and greater possibilities for all".


High Sound Quality

Its manufacture, from the wood to the strings, means that all our models have excellent sound quality.

Artisanal Manufacture

Our guitars go through different artisan manufacturing processes, which meet all quality standards.

Patagonian Lenga Wood

It is a tree of the Nothofagaceae family (or of the Fagaceae family according to another classification). A representative species of the Patagonian Andean forest of southern Argentina. It is extracted from its own forests in Tierra del Fuego, through responsible forest management, authorized and supervised by CONAF and with FSC TM certification.


Find your own 

guitar style

The guitar defines your personality, that`s why we make traditional models like ST and TL, we also offer alternative models to find your own guitar style. 





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